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Emergency Toothache remedies in NYC

Tips for Healthy, White Teeth and a Radiant Smile

Having healthy teeth is a precursor of having a radiant smile, and consequently, better self-confidence. If you exert effort in taking care of your teeth, there is a lesser likelihood that you will visit an emergency dentist. To avoid problems such as abscess tooth, root canals, cavities, discoloration, and missing teeth, among other problems; follow the tips that are mentioned below.

Start Early

At a young age, kids should be already taught about the importance of oral care. They should be encouraged to practice proper oral hygiene. When they start early, they will be able to form a habit that they will practice as they get older.

Brush and Floss Daily

This is perhaps the most important thing to do for healthy teeth. Aside from brushing twice a day, you should also learn how to integrate flossing in your daily oral care routine. Your toothbrush should be changed about 4 times in a year. Brushing alone is just equal to cleaning the teeth by 60%. You need to floss as it gets more in contact with potential sources of tooth decay.

Proper Diet

The foods that you eat will have a huge impact on the health of your teeth and in preventing the need for root canal and other treatments from an emergency dentist. As a general rule, you should eat those that are minimal in terms of sugar content and starches, which will also reduce acid. There are also some that are known as detergent foods because of their ability to clean the teeth. Some of the perfect examples of such include apple, celery, popcorn, and raw carrots.

Go Natural

From toothache remedies to maintaining oral health, there are many natural alternatives that can be taken into account. They are not only cheap but also free from the possibility of adverse side effects. Gargling with apple cider vinegar, for instance, is known for the removal of stain and killing of bacteria. Brushing with baking soda is also recommended to be done at least once a week.

Avoid Certain Habits

It is a given fact that smoking is a big no-no as it can cause serious damage to your teeth, which can be a reason for you to need root canal. Clenching and grinding, which commonly happens when sleeping, should be avoided as well. In the case of the latter, professional consultation may be needed in order to determine how the problem can be resolved.

Chew a Gum

Some people may be unaware of it, but chewing a gum is actually a very good way to keep the teeth healthy. It is similar to an antibacterial rinse that can help in the prevention of tooth decay, and hence, lessened likelihood of having abscess tooth. It also increases saliva flow. Just make sure that the gum is sugar-free.

And ultimately visit your Family dentist regularly and listen to their advice.